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          Our Value

          Ningbo Liaoyuan


          Our Expectation:

          ? ?Becoming the leading brand of industry.


          Our Mission:?

          ? ?Expanding and strengthening.
          ? ?Creating century-old Liaoyuan.


          Our Aim:

          ? ?Create opportunities for staff, value for shareholders, wealth for society.


          Company Culture:?

          ? ?Honesty:? ?Integrity founding and win the world.

          ? ?Responsibility:? ?No excuses, 100% effort.

          ? ?Thanksgiving:? ?Adrop of water in need, shall be returned with a spring in deed.

          ? ?Self requirement:? Carefully do things, attentively do things well.


          Our Philosophy:?

          ? ?Business Philosophy:?To win credibility with quality, enhance value with brand ?

          ? ?To win advantage with cost, innovation to create differences

          ? ?Work Ethic: ?Details determine success, habits create excellence

          ? ?Competition concept:?It is not the strongest of the species that survive, but the one most responsive to change.

          ? ?Employment philosophy:? Talents are asset, mediocre talent is the debt.

          ? ?Salary philosophy:??Giving results and getting remuneration in return.?

          ? ?Innovation ideas:?? There is no best only better.