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          Liaoyuan high-power LED lamps have a good momentum of development

          Update:16 Nov 2017

          Recently, we were informed from the sales department th […]

          Recently, we were informed from the sales department that 690 sets of high-power LED lights made in Liaoyuan installed in the Shanghai Stadium, Pudong Yuanshen Stadium, Wuning Road and other roads leading to Olympic venues, more than 300 sets of 80W LED tunnel lights were installed in the Road in the center of Tianjin.
          Liaoyuan high-power LED lamps are widely used in road construction in various provinces and cities of our country,the number of the total sales of high-power LED lamps is more than 2,000 and the sale has reached more than 10 million. So far, high-power LED lamps of our company has been installed in Shanghai, Tianjin, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Beijing , Guangzhou and other cities, which was widely welcomed by users.