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          Semi-annual Review Meeting of Liaoyuan Group

          Update:16 Nov 2017

          Liaoyuan Group’s semi-annual review meeting was convene […]

          Liaoyuan Group’s semi-annual review meeting was convened on July 7th. We summarized the economic operation of the first half year and planed the works of second half years in this meeting. The Chairman Shao Yunzheng delivered an important speech. More than 60 middle and senior managers from Ningbo Liaoyuan Lighting Co., Ltd., Ningbo Liaoyuan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. and Liaoyuan(ANSHAN) Industry Co., Ltd. attended this meeting. CFO Huang Jiyang made a statement about the first half year’s performance of each branch company. Then the General Manager of each branch company reported the work of the first half year.

          ?? Chairman Shao Yunzheng summarized the first half year’s work in his speech and pointed out that we have worked hard so far according to the plan we made at the beginning of the year to face the complicated and volatile macro-economic situation. The market is subject to fierce competition recently and the profit space is more and more small. So Shao indicated that we need to analyze the situation and think out feasible plans so that we can handle various problems from outside and inside in the coming half year.


          By analyzing the economy of this year, Shao emphasized that we should take a long-term preparation to face the tough and complicated market. What we need to do is face the problem inside and outside the company and then find out the solution so that we can have a steady improvement. The hidden opportunity always comes with the crisis, so we need to seize the opportunities and find the advantage of our company. Shao also indicated that each branch company should have the same aim to make profits in such severe economy. To do this, we should intensify forethought, innovative concept and cooperative awareness to reduce the crisis. Meanwhile, we should improve our own ability in sales, quality management, work efficiency, technical innovation and capital turnover.

          At last, Shao asked for four requirements. First, we need to know the situation clearly to face the challenges, then we should solve problems by working hard and face changes to develop our company. Second, we should pay attention to important events and subdivide details to perform as a whole. That is, we need refine and quantify our work to improve our work in the coming half year. Third, we should have innovation and pay attention to reformation so that we can have a steady increase in our performance. Grasping the emphasis, we should try our best to improve the sales volume and to accelerate the return of fund. This is important to the smooth operation of economy and resistance to risks and a way to keep our company develop steadily. The last but not the least, everyone should take his own responsibility and work with others harmoniously. Once problem occurs, people who is responsibility to related event should take the penalty.