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          The First Phase of Skill Training and Technology Innovation Convention Was Held in Liaoyuan

          Update:16 Nov 2017

          The first phase of skill training and technology innova […]

          The first phase of skill training and technology innovation convention was held in the forth flood of Industry Company. Company leadership and students of the training attended the meeting which was hosted by Wu Weidan, deputy secretary general of innovation of science and technology committee.

          With the high attention paid by the leaders and the support given by the committee, Liaoyuan opened training courses as a platform for half years to broaden the horizon of the enlightened, hardworking and innovative staffs. In the convention, Two trainers Luo Xiubo and Chen Haijun Presented the awards to the qualified trainees.

          Later, the membership of the innovation of science and technology committee introduced the technological innovation project of the nest phase. After discussion, the committee decided to launch 4 technological innovation projects from September. These four projects are 500w stadium lights charged by Director Zhu Boming, jacking system of high mask charged by chief engineer Luo Xiuguo, LED driver system project and solar intelligent control system project charged by chief engineer Chen Haijun.
          At last, Chairman Shao Yunzheng had given an important speech. He emphasized that an enterprise need a professional team which including management, R&D, sales and production to survive in such intensely competitive market. The staffs need to correct attitudes, to study hard, to establish strict work style and to improve personal capability by training to become professional. The profession of every staff is the base of a professional enterprise. Chairman Shao call on the staffs to learn skills hardly and improve their professional competence by technical innovation, process improvement, production management and market development. Meanwhile, He asked everyone to become responsible and innovative staff by persistence.